Thursday, 18 March 2010

Owt about?

The safari hasn't been far from the desk today. Patch 1 early doors produced no migrants and not a lot else. A Mistle Thrush acting a bit on the shifty side was about the best of it; have they got a nest somewhere? Last year they successfully raised their brood in a very open nest right under the noses of the local Magpies.
At Patch 2 the beach was almost deserted. Common Gulls topped the gull list with a grand total of seven! Yes it was that busy today. A similar number of Oystercatchers was a poor tally. Six Turnstones graced the outfall pipe. Oh for a Purple Sandpiper sat on there one day. Top count was of Sanderling a notebook busting ten...
On the almost full tide at lunchtime there was even less!!! No beach and nothing out on the haze infested sea.
Back on Patch 1 in the evening we saw the little male Sprog nipping through the trees putting the wind up the much larger Woodpigeons. No migrants yet though. returning to Base Camp we passed by the side of Magpie Wood which will now been renamed Woodpigeon Wood after 65+ flew out. Last night we had our first Pipistrelle bat at the wood formerly known as Magpie Wood.
Elsewhere in town the Rangers tell me there were singing Blackcap and Chiffchaff as well as at least one pair of Mediterranean Gulls displaying - then right at the death news came in that there were 20 or so Sand Martins at the nature reserve...its starting to kick off!!!
Where to next? More Patchy stuff, hopefully with a migrant or two.
In the meantime let us know if it has it all started to start in your outback yet.
Sorry no photos after yesterdays pic-fest.


Forest the Bear said...

Nice to see your Sand Martins have arrived Dave, I will be down to Wicklow Head on Sunday to check the sandbank!!!

Bats are great!...I love to see them whizzing around on a summers evening.

Warren Baker said...

So sand martins have arrived ! They didn't fly through my airspace though - not whilst I was looking anyway!