Friday, 5 March 2010

The safari is having a day at Base Camp today. These pics are from yesterday's high and low tides. Not quite the full 10m job of a coupla days ago but still in the high 9s.
The sea is full...

The sea is empty...
Followed by our Land Rover at sunset...what a beauty it was but we were unableto leave the office for the best of it.
This morning dawn had just about been and gone by Frank's walk, 6.30, it was well light. Dunnocks were singing everywhere, a pair of Greenfinches played 'chase-me' found the tall Leylandii hedge and Collared Doves were coo-coo-coo-ing.
Later, after nipping back under the covers for a well needed snooze, we could hear the Peregrine calling from the top of the tower - not bad for an 'under the duvet tick'! It's 225 yards from the bedroom window to their roosting ledge - it's gonna be an exciting summer if they nest up there! Measured by Magic maps - a very useful tool for land managers/conservationists etc.
Where to next? Base Camp garden is looking good in the (early) spring sunshine - still very frosy this morning though.
In the meantime let us know what's just outside in your outback.
For those wanting to see Bald Eagles, Seals and, hopefully, Orcas live from the comfort of your own home click here

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Warren Baker said...

Hey Dave,

I got Peregrine from under my duvet too! Well my head was out, it flew over my house as I lay confined to bed with ''man flu'' :-)