Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Partial purple patch

The safari had no migrants today on Patch 1. Sadly the tongue in cheek Chiffchaff didn’t materialise, maybe next week. A nice bright little male Sparrowhawk was perched on one of the tree stumps of the children’s story telling circle.
Patch 2 was the goods producer this morning. The rising tide held 12 Sanderlings and only a few Oystercatchers today. But it was out at sea where the excitement was. Two small flocks of Common Scoters totalling about 50 birds weren’t unusual but a few yards beyond the nearer flock sat a Whooper Swan, now that was more unusual. Much further out almost in the haze was a Little Gull (122, 62) rising and dipping in amongst the white horses – a bonus bird although there have been a few in the bay since the weekend seen from the observatories at Walney and Hilbre Islands. A close inshore fly-past male Red Breasted Merganser was another, more colourful, unexpected bonus.
The high tide at lunchtime was a useless washout – absolutely nowt about!

Remember the Frog stealing Heron mentioned's the pic...that looks a pretty big Frog judging by the size of those legs.
And then there are some farmland birds from our Extreme Photographer...very nice. Luvin this first on of a Robin between two Yellowhammers...crackin colour clash!

Red Legged Partridges are very beautifully marked.

Rabbit portait.
Still think Grey Partridges are one of the most delicately patterned birds in the book - if not the most! Far more subtle than the alien Red Legs.
Classic pose from a 'shooting' magazine.

A fine flock of mixed Buntings, Finches and Tree Sparrows.

More of the same - click to enlarge for full effect.
Many thanks to our two photographers today as the safari's cameras stayed well and truly bagged today.
Where to next? More patchwork and some migrants perhaps.
In the meantime let us know what is beautifully marked in your outback.


Forest the Bear said...

Lovely shots from the Extreme Photographer there Dave, that Heron shot is a great capture of wildlife in action! breed frogs big up your way!!

Monika said...

The mix of colors in that last shot is amazing! My other fave is the yellowhammer in flight.

Warren Baker said...

Thought the Heron had a moustouche!

Lovely finch flock BTW