Sunday, 21 March 2010

Summat different for yer

The safari had a different sort off trip out today - looking for bits to add to the Land Rover and get some ideas from the 'big boys'.
A jaunt down 100 miles of foggy motorway only gave us a grand total of one Kestrel and three Buzzards, the last of these was over the showgound car park.
A nice Series II from 1971 rubs shoulders with a 2002 Defender - there is a distinct family resemblance. We used to have a LWB Series IIa - great fun but long gone now.
It wasn't all Solihull specials as this rather tasty Toyo shows - don't see many of these SWB Cruisers.

A pair of G4 competition look-alikes. Likin' the tricked up D3, but will wait for the improved D4 version and a lottery win!

Lovely pair of Disco's. Everyone stopped to have a closer look at the 'micro-ute' cropped job - the owner should have charged a quid a look - he'd have made a fortune!
Don't think wifey would let me do that to ours as it wouldn't very practical for Frank - he'd get wet when it rained!
A Disco, rather similar to ours, sat next to an Alter - whatever one of those is - never seen one before - it was as rusty as...but it was the best part of 20 years old.

Finally - the sublime and the rediculous - but which is which - the two extremes of Solihull products, one sort of messed with, the other hot from the factory floor. Scary thing is the one on the right is probably the better on the rough stuff - and far far far more comfy - and does more mpg!
So what goodies did we cone home with? A bigger shackle for the tow rope - that was it - last of the big spenders eh!
The retuirn journey saw not a single raptor. Plenty of Crows, Magpies and Woodpigeons and not a lot else. Roadkill was plentiful, mostly over fed and over produced Pheasants and a fair few Rabbits but did include a definite Polecat and another probable one - didn't think they were becoming that common!
Where to next? Normal service will be resumed on the Patches tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know which Solihull products can be found in your outback

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Forest the Bear said...

Ahhhh!....a bigger shackle, everyman should have one!!

Nice selection of Green Oval steel there Dave, loving the look of the Disco next to the custom pickup.

I am sure Frank would love to be in the back of that custom Disco pickup...wind in his hair, eying up the chicks as you cruise through Blackpool!!