Monday, 22 March 2010

The notebook snoozes

The safari was out on Patch 1 a few minutes past 6 this morning. Far too late for the Peregrine now but a Mistle Thrush was singing somewhere in the distance. Nice to hear so many Wrens, it would seem they have survived the bad weather around here at least.
Little else to make it in to the book...a large female Sparrowhawk flew along the edge of Woodpigeon Wood, she seems to be becoming the new Peregrine.
Patch 2 was even worse if that's possible. Seven Oystercatchers were ALL that was on the beach and there was nothing, absolutely nothing to be seen on or above the sea. Eventually a couple of young Herring Gulls came in to view mooching about dipping and diving a good way out.
Whilst watching these another gull flew through the field of view; refocussing fast we saw that it was something just a little bit different...Either a rather large, long winged Common Gull, or, more accurately, a perfectly normal 2nd winter Yellow Legged Gull. Just reward for a dull and increasingly wet quarter of an hour!
No chance of a lunchtime jaunt, nor an evening Patch 1 visit today...the Chiffchaff and Sandwich Tern will have to wait another day.
Where to next? Better Patch opportunities tomorrow and the rest of the week weather permitting.
In the meantime let us know what's been avoiding you in your outback.


Fleetwood Birder said...

Dave, I have been meaning to ask you where are patch 1 and patch 2. Cheers, Seumus

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. You`re not on your own. It seems that everything`s avoiding me on my patch.

Warren Baker said...

'' weather permitting'' well thats put the mockers on it dave :-)

Monika said...

What time does the peregrine take off in the morning?