Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Here kitti. kiiti...

The safari has just been watching the Peregrine on the tower demolish a pigeon.

Earlier thhis morning on Patch 2 a minimum of 62 Kittiwakes (115, 60) were finally within ID range and confirmed our suspicions of the last couple of days. Apart from an incredibly brave Pied Wagtail skipping over the waves about a mile out there was nothing of note in the cold, cold northerly wind.
Sorry folks that's it - short and sweet today.
Where to next? Another layer of thermals and back to Patch 2 for Sandwich Tern...hahahah
In the meantime let us know what's bouncing around in your outback.

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

I had a view of the local Peregrine today dave, but thats about it in these cold conditions. Well done on your Kitti :-)