Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Freakin evil

The Safari is referring to a couple of things in the title of this post...the first being the weather! No chance of doing much at all today, winter has arrived with a wet Arctic blast. Peregrine was on its normal roosting spot but in view of what's coming next all mention of said raptor might have to stop, or at least be even less specific as to its location!
Did anyone see this yesterday? The second Osprey from the Swedish conservation scheme to be shot in the UK this year...we are becoming as bad as Malta for this sort of gun-toting low-life. May be the EU should look at fining the government every time something like this happens, they'd soon find a way of catching the numpty and getting their money back.

Maybe the team responsible for the conservation project over in Sweden should sue for damages if a conviction is made. Say the scheme cost a miilion pounds this year and they got a hundred young fledged then compensation of at least 10,000 quid should be demanded from the perpetrator, on top of their conviction of course.
That might make the trigger happy baffoons sit up and take notice that this sort of nonsense won't be tolerated.

We're seeing a very graphic image of where we'd shove that shotgun!!!

Wildlife has to be given some sort of financial value, after all it is tax payer's money and/or public donations that fund these projects, In fact wildlife does already have a financial value but too many people don't or won't recognise the fact. Think of all those tourist pounds wildlife brings in, healthy ecosystems can save billions of pounds on flood defences etc etc

Actually we think we might try and make some money out of wildlife - no not by taking people to look at it - you only get paid peanuts for that; taking rich people to kill it that's where the big money is...sick.

So what we're going to do is use our life savings to buy 100 Gazelles, we're going to keep them in a little yard and fatten them up. Later on we'll turn them out in some fields near here, perhaps near the nature reserve there's some nice fields over there with some bits of scratty hedge. Once they've been out for a week or so we'll invite a couple of oil princes and a merchant banker or two to come and have some fun with them (= kill them), at a small fortune per person of course - oh and to make it a bit harder we'll have someone in the field waving flags to make them run round a bit.
Sounds like a great business plan to me should be earning a fortune this time next year - when can we start - anyone got any Gazelles going spare? If we can't get Gazelles we'll just have to 'farm' native Roe Deer, you know burn some strips of grass, kill off a few wolves...oh we already did that one...

Where to next? With slightly improving weather the Patches should be back in play.

In the meantime let us know if you've got any bright ideas for the wildlife in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Id like to substitute the Gazelles for some of our Royals. They make the shooting scene seem acceptable. I see old middletons mum was out shooting at bolmoral :-(

cliff said...

"and a merchant banker or two" not using rhyming slang there at all Dave I take it?

I maybe being naïve here, but do you reckon the Osprey was specifically targeted or was just someone randomly shooting 'owt that moves? Either way it's a tragic loss & the perpetrator wants stringing up.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I'm a poet an' I know it: Might even risk it for a biscuit!

Within spitting distance of some kind of fish farm - fluke or no fluke. If I were the bizzies I know where my investigations would start...
Internationally wildlife crime ranks third after drugs and arms smuggling, heigher even than people trafficking in the amount of money 'made'. So whilst ours might appear petty they are part of a much bigger and more serious picture - these people are robbing the rest of the us on the planet of our natural hertage to line their own pockets...

PS didn't get on the beach yesterday and looks like tomorrow's sample gathering session will be postponed too