Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday stroll

The Safari had a stroll with some good friend and our two mutts this afternoon. Not a lot about, none of the Starlings were Waxwings despite there being some in the area.
A lot of Yew trees are in these woods.

There were only a few fungi to be found, not sure why, perhaps the very porous limestone rock doesn't hold enough moisture, could beway off mark with that statement though!

Think these are Spindle tree berries, not a tree we're very familiar with - anyone know any different?
An acorn hunt for another friend proved difficult, plenty of shells left by the mice and squirrels but finding undamaged ones was hard - we got seven in the end. But...have these been missed by the rodents or ignored because they're not viable? Time will tell.
One of the acorns main enemies/friends was out in force - we saw several Jays.
Where to next? Back to the Patches? Hope a certain Iceland Gull flies past but with all the freeby left over fry-up nosh it's getting that is very unlikely.
In the meantime let us know what the waxwings are upto in your outback.


Craig said...

Hi Dave...ive sent you a email with some news and question.

best wishes,

Warren Baker said...

They are indeed spindle berries Dave.

Anonymous said...

"In the meantime let us know what the waxwings are up to in your outback."

Not turning up, that`s what, Dave :-(