Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Wild wet and windy for a change

The Safari has little to report. A good result for ‘Pool last night, their first home win of the season against last year’s bogey team, the ‘Baggies’. Despite having a two man advantage for much of the game they made heavy weather of it and a late consolation goal from the visitors meant a knuckle biting last ten minutes; why do they always do this!? The home team had plenty of opportunities to put the game beyond reach but consistently failed to find the net. Much more shooting practice is required. They are at home to the Mighty Blues, Everton, next weekend - not sure where our loyalties will lie...exciting score draw anyone...
After the end of the game we took Frank out for his late night walk and had the Peregrine sitting up in its usual place. The wind was beginning to pick up and heavy showers weren’t too far away.
In the morning we noted the Peregrine hadn’t moved overnight and why would it, it was a foul autumn night with the wind lashing heavy rain against the windows.
By the time we got to Patch 2 it still wasn’t particularly light and there was more rain on the horizon. It wasn’t going to be a long watch.
We did see the ‘drowning dog’ driftwood again, but not a lot else. Two Turnstones were washed from their roost on the wall by a large wave and there were a few scattered small flocks of Common Scoters, aren’t there always...In the far distance we picked up a slender winged ‘gull’ that was hard to follow as it stayed mostly in the troughs. It was moving northwards very quickly but didn’t stay above the waves for more than brief moments; it had the look of a skua about it. If it was an Arctic Skua we didn’t get anything on it to confirm the ID unfortunately and all too soon lost it from view in the turmoil of white horses.
Too busy at lunchtime for a quick trip over the road, a waste cos although it was still very gloomy it wasn’t raining.
Where to next? More of the wet and windy same.
In the meantime let us know if its wet and windy where you are.
Late edit - posted too soon!!! Just had the best views of our Fox at 17.30, even Frank sat quietly and we were within 15 feet (5m) of it - still out of range for the little cameras flash though. If what we got shows anything like a Fox we'll pop it on here anyway.

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Warren Baker said...

Not wet and windy here Dave................. yet :-)