Monday, 15 November 2010

Just too busy

The Safari has little to report today - hardly worth putting finger to keyboard really. Nothing of note what-so-ever on Patch 1 and only a short early morning safari on Patch 2. The ebbing tide was just leaving a bit of beach and the gulls were having a fierld day. The light wasn't good but we couldn't pick out anything unusual amongst them. A first year and two adult Great Black Backed Gulls were the best of the bunch. Six Redshanks fed in the gutter at the bottom of the wall.
At sea only a couple of Great Crested Grebes and a small flockette of Common Scoters broke the nothingness. As we turned to leave the thin call of a Rock Pipit was heard from below us on the other side of the sea wall - -the best bird of the day.
Where to next? Less manic tomorrow so more chance of a longer look and a lunchtime visit as well.
In the meantime let us know hou quick you were in your outback today.
Sorry no pics today

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