Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sort of seabirdy

The Safari didn't get anyrhing of note on patch 1 just before dawn today. But Patch 2 gave up a few secrets. After only a few minutes scanning we'd found a Great Northern Diver out in the middle distance, it was coming towards us but then it veered off to the south into the haze. A really good start, wonder if the Fleetwood bird is still on the marine lake. More divers were found in the water in the form of three Red Throated Divers. Looking superficially like divers were four Great Crested Grebes. In the distance not too far off shore was what looked seriously like one of the smaller shorter necked stub necked grebe, probably a Slavonian Grebe, but it was too far to clinch. About 200 Common Scoters were here, there and everyhere, an auk species flew south and a Razorbill was identified much closer to the shore.
No shore birds as the tide was in right up to the seawall but about 50 Oystercatchers went past looking for somewhere the tide has dropped from.
Where to next? Got a group of youngsters on the beach tomorrow looking for whatever the tide washed up last week. Hopefully there'll be some goodies for them to get to grips with.
In the meantime let us know what's veered off in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

What veered off in my outback ? The sun!