Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Safari hasn't been out safari-ing today, been working in the garden instead. Not a great lot to report. . Wifey was watching Vampire Diaries last night and when we opened the front door to take big Frank out we got the shock of our lives, a Magpie was roosting under the eaves on the telephone wire above the front door - never known this to happen before, as we opened the door we disturbed it and it clattered up into the eaves then swooped down and up over the roof - gave us quite a start it did after all those vampires and werewolves and so on.
One of the Peregrines was on the tower but we didn't get anything else. This morning there were two Peregrines sat up there and while we were chopping wood the Mistle Thrush was around and about. Also in the garden was a flock of at least six Long Tailed Tits along with a couple of Blue Tits.
After the storm we were reviewing the damage to the fence and working on our Elm tree that had blown over to a jaunty angle, this needed serious pruning to see if we could get it upright again. Anyway Wifey appeared through the rotten hole in the fence and a Robin appeared from nowhere and nearly crashed in to her before doing a 'U'ey and nipping back from whence it came - a close shave!
Nothing of note going over this arvo, hardly even a gull.
Where to next? Those Waxwings in the next town a calling...
In the meantime let us know how many vampires are lurking in your outback, you can hardly move for the damn things in that Mystic Falls place...and damned they are if you're into that religious hocus pocus.
Sorry no photos today.

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Warren Baker said...

A close shave for whom Dave :-)