Saturday, 14 May 2011

Better late than never

The Safari went back to Patch 1 to see if we could get a pic of the Spotted Flycatcher, it wasn't showing and neither were any flies in the cold and windy conditions. We wandered about a bit looking for something to point the camera at. A Sparrowhawk dashed through the trees sending Blackbirds clacking in all directions and behind us a Chiffchaff chiffed and chaffed. We decided to sneak up on it and see if we could locate it. This turned out to be easier than expected as it was sat almost in the open on a twig - we fired off a few shots but it was really a bit too dark and none of them was worth posting. It was in this Hawthorn bush whose flowers, May blossom, are beginning to go over, normally they would just be coming out about now!

Beneath it we found our first Bramble flower of the summer, the bushes seem to be laden with them so hopefully they'll be bedecked with blackberries later in the year. Just hope that the flowers don't finish before the White Letter Hairstreaks emerge but it looks like that could happen.

Frank took it easy while we mooched about pointing the camera at nothing in particular.

Where to next? After our survey work we'll head off somewhere...could be to the South-side as there are some good birds over that way and we've not been for a fair while.

In the meantime let us know what was camera-shy in your outback.

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