Thursday, 26 May 2011

On the beautiful briney

The Safari was out later this morning and probably missed a few moths at the light but yet agan a White Ermine was on the windowsill. Last night we took the net and torch out and got three nice ones. Green Carpets are always good value moths, Silver Gound Carpets are common back at Base Camp but the Rivulet was a new species for us, we also came across a Hedgehog.

A walk down to the river gave us a Spotted Flycatcher singing away at the top of a tall tree, but better was a Roe Deer swimming across the river away from us, perhaps we'd flushed it without realising it. Yellowhammers were singing in the hedgreows across the road, we saw a crackin male yesterday...a real stonker. A Brown Hare set off at 100mph alokng the track in front of us on the way back.

Then it was time to hit the road back in to England and more specifically the Farne Islands. Unfortunately because we had to take Frank with us we were unable to land and had to plumb for ther round the island Seal Tour instead. Whilst waiting for the boat we had a mooch round the habour where the Eiders were taking bread like Mallards!

On the water it was cold, we could see our breath for most of the voyage, and choppy enough to get Frank worried and Wifey queazy, as fror the safari at one point we were concentrating on a pic when the boat turned round hit the swell and nearly pitched us overboard! The light was weird too so many of these pics are washed out - sorry.

But what did we see? A Manx Shearwater (178) just as we arrived at the first island was a big surprise as they aren't that numerous in the North Sea in spring. Fulmars on the other hand were hard to miss! Kittiwakes were everywhere as were auks, Guillemots being the most numerous, followed by Razorbills and then the site speciallty, the Puffins (179).

Arctic Terns are presnt in huge numbers.

Both Common Seals and Grey Seals were on offer too.

Nice castle on the way back to admire.
Where to next? Back to the more mundane tomorrow.

In the meantime let me know what's swimming around in your outback.


Amila Kanchana said...

I love those moths, birds,and the seal! Some interesting creatures in the previous post too!

Stu said...

I'd love to visit the Farnes Islands one day.......

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Amila - there would have probablyt cbeen a lot more moths if the weather hadn't been so aweful, the habitat here is really good.
Well worth it Stu, if you ever get the chance, great value for money too. This was my fourth or fifth visit but the only cne I'ver not landed, for some reasaon they don't allow dogs on the islands!