Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The quickest of updates

The Safari took the Young Ones over to the South-side but there had been a wader clear-out over night and our two main target species weren't to be found.

Very briefly (might be back later with some pics) AC found a Little Stint (184) at both sites we visited.

Find of the safari was the removed wing of a Peach Blossom moth (never seen a 'whole' one), along with a nice variety of other moths wings, which hasd been left in one of the hides by an 'out of hours' visiting Little Owl.

Where to next? Back to work tomorrow so the patches will feature once more. We need to confirm some breeding species on Patch 1 and see what the tide is bringing up at Patch 2.

In the meantime let us know whose remains have been left to rot in your outback.

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