Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pastures new

The Safari has swapped coasts for a while, heading out to the North East or South East depending on which side of this river you're standing on. Here we are in Scotland looking over in to England.

Sorry about the quality of any of the pics as we're working on Wifey's laptop which isn't the best for checking pics for brightness and contrast etc.
At the bottom of the hill next to the river was this well grown Wellingtonia, some would probably say there's plenty of growing still to be done!

So what was on the river?

Several Mallards flew about and a Heron stalked the far bank. Slightly more interesting was this Cormorant which although seeming to be mottoring was actually paddling furiously against the flooding river going nowhere. A brief but good view gave us the opportunity to check the gular angle - very wide so a 'sinensis' type.
The roadside verges have been left unmown to provide an abundance of wildflowers, here frank has caught a wiff of something lurking in the bushes amongst Bluebells, Red Campion and Cow Parsley. Weather permitting tomorrow we'll have a closer look but 50 mph winds with rain are forecast.

The woods held Chaffinch, Chiffchaff and Nuthatch. Some of the trees had woodpecker holes much larger than we're familiar with so there could well be Green Woodpeckers in the area.

'Pool managed their usual struggle going 2 - 1 up by mid second half and desparately needing to win but finished up losing 2 - 4 and now Championship football rather than Premiership will be order of the day next season. Let's hope all the star players aren't bought up by the bigger clubs and they bounce straight back but other clubs have dropped another division after having their best players snaffled and not having the resources to replenish the squad with sufficient quality...c'est la vie, leets hope it's not long to wait before we're back!

Where to next? Really have no idea, we did have a boaty ride planned for tomorrow evening but the winds that's going to be out of the question now.

In the meantime let us know how far off patch you've got today.

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