Monday, 23 May 2011

Wld and windy

The Safari put the moth trap on last night and only got one moth despite the great habitat around, a White Ermine which became a spider's breakfast - oops, that wasn't supposed to happen.
A more concerted effort with the wildflowers gave us Leopardsbane

Green Alkanet

The lane outside the house has a crackin verge, on the 'other' side...why can't the verges back in the Fylde be left to develop like that instead of being flailed and sprayed to keep them tidy? The hedgrows are cut better too, on an angle but still a little short.

Along the drive to the Big House we found thia rather large bracket fungus growing out of a damaged Beech limb. Not the best of shots but anyone got anyideas?

Forget-me-nots abounded hidden amongst the taller Bluebells. There are several species and this is the most common whose name we totally forget...duhhhh

A break in the torrential rain allowed a brief excursion into the local counrtyside where we found a field of Highland Cattle, aka Wooly Bullys, not that they do a lot of bullying, they're usually very gentle.

The kids are cute too.

We were able to fit in a visit to the seaside too - about which more later. Where to next? More info on our coastal visit.

In the meantime hang fire we'll be back in a bit.


Warren Baker said...

The hedges here suffer the same fate as yours Dave, plus the sheep eating them!!

Sad to see Blackpool go down, would of liked to see them stay up mate :-(

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Pool had ample chance to stay up had they not let so many goals in in the last five minutes, including against Spurs a couple of weeks ago, not letting that one in would have seen them safe - hopefully they'll soon be back to entertain again