Monday, 23 May 2011

Meanwhile...on the coast

The Safari ended up at the coast where we had a few Sandwich Terns and a couple of Gannets some low over the water.

Some were circling higher, and eventually from a handful in from the sea came a further fifty of more to feed on a shoal of fish trapped between the falling tide and a sanbank.

The activity became intense - maybe just a little too far offshore for decent pics bit we filled our boots anyway.

Still they were a whole heap closer than they ever get off the Fylde coast where they are usually tiny white dots in the scope.

Where to next? Could be anywhere, very much depends on the weather which at the time of writing is getting even windier...yikes.

In the meantime let us know what's plummeting to earth in your outback - could be whole trees overnight here

1 comment:

cliff said...

Plenty of action going on there Dave, must have been terrific to watch.