Saturday, 7 May 2011

Superb new product for wildlife rehabers, zoos, livestock farmers/smallholders

The Safari would like to introduce to this new top quality product that is of use to anyone feeding livestock, for example wildlife hospitals, agricultural colleges, zoos, vets, hobby farmers even professional livestock rearers.

This new product has been designed by our dedicated Wildlife Rehabilitators at Maroo Wildlife Refuge in Western Australia and and are hand made.

These teats are made to last !

In trials so far, the 3 ply teats last up to 6 months and we’ve yet to see them wear out.
No more holes or stretching after only weeks of use when you are feeding those older Joey’s, and no more Joey-tantrums because it’s not “their” teat. Unlike latex these teats retain their shape.
The teats are made on a stainless steel mould which gives a much smoother finish and texture. We wanted a teat that felt closer to the mother’s natural teat. We have trialled over 50 teats and not one kangaroo has rejected the colour.
All teats are hand-made so some variation will occur but will not affect the quality.
So far the biggest demand has been for the larger kangaroo teats but any size can be made to order.

Although the trials have been conducted mostly on young Kangeroos they are suitable for a wide range of animals including lambs, kids, llamas, deer, badgers, etc, etc.

For full details of sizes, prices and shipping to anywhere in the world please us our gmail address in the sidebar.

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