Monday, 12 September 2011

Double wild and windy

The Safari had a wander through the woods yesterday evening. Not a lot doing, spent a lot of time dodging falling twigs althugh a small flock of Siskins were a nice find. We're quite familiar with Bracken but there are lots of unfamiliar ferns lurking under the trees.

The verges of the forest tracks look good for Adders if the sun ever comes out.
A few fungi are beginning to show themselves, this llittle one is a Galerina sp

The river was looking in good form; woods would have been full of Pied Flycatchers, Redstarts and Wood Warblers only a few days ago.

This is the main river, the one above can be seen on the right by the tree.

At the top of the hill is a small but spectacular waterfall.

We went back up there again this morning with Wifey and Frank...found a stump Aussie Glen might like to have a go at after his escapades. Dunno how he'd cope with this one it's about 3m (10 feet) diameter at the top of the wall.

The river has a good bit more water in it today! Note the lack of the lower black blob on the large pale rock midstream and general lack of rocks on the right hand side.

Up the side stream there was a full spate going on.

The waterfalls have a drop or two more water going over them.

Frank enjoyed the stroll but had to restrained at all times otherwise he'd have been in...well it is water after all

If you can't get in the water what better to do than chew a stick...he ate a few, wonder it is in/on them that is so attractive to him.

Where to next? With the wind still strong it's gotta be a trip to the coast.
In the meantime let us know how much rain has fallen in your outback.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty scenic where you are, Dave.

Aussie Glen said...

Looks like too much fun on your Holday. I'll have a go at that stump though getting pretty good at removing them. Frank looks to be chewin on a dinosaur bone though or is a primeval manbone?