Friday, 23 September 2011

Wot appn’d to the wind?

The Safari saw the two Peregrines on the tower before the sun came up this morning and there seemed to be a reasonable number of Robins ticking away from the Golden Triangle, Magpie Wood and the neighbouring gardens, unfortunately we didn’t get into the park proper for a full count...could have been a biggy too. The Magpies in Magpie wood are still uncountable.
Patch 2 gave us only Common Scoters which we struggled to count in the bizarre but awful light, probably about the same as yesterday; knockin on the door of 300 or thereabouts.
At lunchtime the light was worse if anything and a horrid weird haze hung over the sea. The tideline had two strings of gulls waiting for unwary Pipefish, both numbering about 100, one to the north of the outfall and one to the south. A juvenile Great Black Back tore the eyes out of the shredded remains of a largish Cod(?) while nearby an adult laid into a much smaller flat fish, a Dab?
Further down the beach only three Sandwich Terns were seen roosting while the first two Redshanks of the autumn fed in the large shallow runnel to their left.
Where to next? A Bat job this evening and with the wind turning southerly and dropping the mothy might well go on tonight followed by a visit to Chat Alley in the morning.
In the meantime let us know what the gulls are laying waste to in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

The BJ sounds nice Dave Heh heh heh. Good luck with the Chat alley tomoz :-)