Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wind's pickin up a bit

The Safari has been chillin out today getting to know the local surroundings. At first light there were about 100 or so Swallows and a handful House Martins.

Nice bit of river just across the road which judging by the rod a chap was getting off the roof of his car must have Salmon in it so we'll be keeping an eye on those little waterfalls.

Along the river we came across amixed flock which had two Great Tits, a Goldcrest and a Treecreeper. A Blue Tit gave an alarm call and a Sparrowhawk sped along the river at eye-level as we were just about to step onto the bridge. On the opposite side we entered some Forestry Commission mixed woodland, going to fully coniferous higher up the hill. Another Goldcrest was joined by a couple of Coal Tits. All rather normal but nice all the same. Then we spotted a small woodpecker hole in a rather thin tree, thoughts immediately turned to Lesser Spotted Woodpecker...eyes will be well peeled when working through those riverside flocks. If we can find the tree again we'll get a pic and someone with experience of LS Pecker nest holes can offer advice.
Retracing out steps back across the bridge a Grey Wagtail was heard down the river.

Back at temporary Base Camp we were drying off Frank and noticed that there was a recently vacated Swallow's nest in the eaves of the porch.

One for Aussie Glen...there'll be more...

Where to next? That wind is picking up so we hope to get out to the coast in the next day or so. Also been to suss a site for a kernel cracker of a finch, looks like a calmer early morning job though.

In the meantime let us know what's in the rivers in your outback


cliff said...

We're battening down the hatches hereabouts Dave in readiness for the remnants of the hurricane landing.

Sad news today that the RN Diver @ Fleetwood didn't survive :-(

Despite being a beautifully marked bird its behaviour always suggested it wasn't very well & so it proved, very unfortunate.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hatches well battened here too - too scary to drive up to Aberdaron today, hopefully there'll still be a few good sea birds tomorrow