Monday, 26 September 2011

They came from afar

The Safari could hear a Peregrine calling before we had even got out of our pit this morning.
Once outside it was evident there were a few or more Robins about. We started to count and by the time we’d got round the whole of Patch 1 we got to over 20 with nine Blackbirds too.
Just one Peregrine was seen on the tower but an hour later on the way to work two were sat together enjoying the first warming rays of the sun.
Patch 2 wasn’t up to much with only the usual 3-400 Common Scoters on the sea. By lunchtime the only difference was that a Grey Seal was floating about with the Common Scoters. As we watched an impressive fire show from the flare gases of one of the rigs we noticed to spots in the scope moving around in a haphazard sort of a way. Sticking with them they eventually turned into two Swallows.
Out in the works garden these two little fungi have appeared and we are waiting for those clever iSpotters to identify them for us.

Whilst crawling around in the dirt getting pics of the fungi a pristine Small Tortoiseshell was nectaring on the Prickly Sow Thistles behind us.
Where to next? More of the same although the sea was flat calm this evening so counting and spotting should be a bit easier if it stays like that overnight.
In the meantime let us know what’s been coming ‘in-off’ in your outback.

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Anonymous said...

As fascinating as fungi are, they`re a nightmare to id, Dave. I`m probably on a par with you, with em.