Thursday, 15 September 2011

A grand day out.

The Safari went on a road trip round north Wales today. But before we set off we had a little look round the minimal grounds of our temporary Base Camp. Some of the hundred or more Swallows were sat on the roof here.

Along with the resident House Sparrows both have nested under the eaves.

It is autumn and the Swallows are spending a lot of time twittering on the wires in preperation for their long trip south.

Our long trip took us first to Betwys-y-coed where the river held a Goosander

It was a actively fishing and we witnessed some dashing dives after unseen prey.

We went past the famous Swallow Falls but didn't stop due to the fee charged for entry and the steep wet steps not suitable for Frank. The falls aren't that brilliant compared to the ones almost in the garden here.

Next we headed for Snowdon, or more correctly Yr Wyddfa in the native tongue, the highest mountian in the UK south of the Central Belt of Scotland. Here is Snowdon in the far distance - an impressive hill.

A much closer view point gives you the names and height of the hills - click to enlarge to read the text...bear in mind it's in Welsh so you won't be able to pronounce it...unless you are Welsh of course - wish we knew more of it cos some of our ancestors came from this part of the world with the slate for Liverpool's roofs.

Not where you might expect to find a Herring Gull, but the small car park at the view point has sandwiches and other packed lunch nibbles availableAt our next stop a friendly Robin begged for bits of Frank's biscuits.

The view was stuning but better was the Crossbills (195) in the Larches just on the right of this pic but sadly they kept themselves to the back of the trees and right at the top. Easy to hear but a nightmare to see well. This site is only a mile or so from temporary Base Camp but there are no Larches within sight of t-Base Camp.

Some other Welsh views - just for Warren. Some nice Ancient woodland on those hillsides!

Missed the two hills that look like volcanoes though.

Below is a short vid-clip showing the panorama from Lllyn Gwynant in the SW to the Glyder mountains across the Llanberis Pass from Snowdon.

In our younger days we'd have nipped up any one of those peaks in a jiffy, no longer possible sadly we might get over half way but not to the top now :(

Where to next? Spotted a chap almost deffo trying to get a pic of a leaping Salmon along one of the many patches of whitewater we passed so we'd like to see one!

In the meantime let us know who's looking up to the skies in your outback.

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cliff said...

Cracking shot of the Goosander swimming under water Dave.