Friday, 21 October 2011

Aww - it's just a scratch

The Safari got the bandages off today. Great to get some cool refreshing air on to the wounds.
Those of a nervous disposition should look away now...The lad with the knife seems to have done a good job; was his name Zorro by any chance? Despite having to almost sever our index finger to get the badness out the hand looks as good as it's done for a few years. Let's hope it stays that way, last year's op only lasted, well...a year!

All we need now is to get the feeling, movement and strength back- stuggling to get the cap off a pint of milk at the mo (seriously not good) and have you tried buttering toast one handed, shall we say, interesting, convoluted and time consuming. Be glad when we get back to two hand typin too, all this one-handedness m'larky is slow and uncomfortable; makes the 'good' (haha) hand ache and throb like a bar steward.

The line between the arrows 'A' is where they put some fierce hand splaying contraption on - really nips as this is about the only bit with normal feeling. Under there is yet more disease that'll need seeing to before long - possibly with the new flesh dissolving gangrene extract - can't wait!!!

So for the time being we're still only able to observe and record the coming and going of Base Camp.

This morning no vis-mig was likely on 25mph south westerlies with squally showers so the feeders were the main interest. Five Goldfinches broke the record for the repositioned feeders and while they were there the Coal Tit couldn't get a look in. Later there were seven Goldfinches in attendance, dunno if that's two more or twelve altogether.
The two female Chaffinches that put in a brief appearance were probably yesterday's.

Most of the berries on our Pyracantha have been chomped so Blackbird sightings are confined to furtive dashes through our cover on the way to and from next door's plentiful crop of windfall Pears. One seen sneaking around under the bushes was indeed one of those black-billed northern males.
Where to next? Looks to be some southerlies with a bit of east in them coming up so there is a good chance of some vis-mig.

In the meantime let us know what's scatchy in your outback.

Btw Blogger is still faffing abut with its formatting...grrr


Fleetwood Birder said...

I hope it feels better than it looks Dave! It looks exceedingly painful! I hope you're fit again soon! Cheers, Seumus

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks S - the 'permanent' wasp sting pain I've endured for the last three weeks has subsided a fair bit today.
Looking Ok for a sea watch for an hour or so after the tide tomorrow morning if SWMBO permits, could be a bit of o'head stuff too, fingers crossed :)


Stu said...

Wow, I think I missed what happened to your hand. That was a WASP sting? Jesus!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Stu - 'Fortunately' that wasn't a wasp sting - hate to meet the wasp that could do that amount of damage - although I have been hospitalised twice by the black n yellow brigade (blood poisoning & stung in eye)!!!
Those wounds were made by the common or garden NHS surgeon resulting in a wasp sting like pain that lasted three weeks only easing off this arvo, still there but much more bearable - just to demonstrate how weird nerves are the pain was/is well away from any of the cuts.
PS your egrets in flight pics today are pretty good - the two GWEs up here have developed a clever knack of hearing the dulcet tones of the Land Rover and bury themselves in the mud, seen em in every country I've visited but not the UK.

cliff said...

Crikey Dave, I don't like the look of that. I hope what you've had done significantly improves things for you & that you're soon on the mend.

Take care


Warren Baker said...

I cant imagine how you handle the Bins davo, or the camera! Must be a bar steward, hope you get some relief son mate!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

"cant imagine how you handle the Bins davo, or the camera!"

One handed Warren - camera not too bad but the Swazzas get a bit unsteady after a while


Dean said...

Wouldn`t like to think i had to suffer that, Dave. Fingors crossed for a full & speedy recovery.