Monday, 17 October 2011

Wind worsens...unless

The Safari didn't bother getting out early to have a go at any vi migging this morning as overnight the wind freshened to a brisk westerly - useless...unless of course there are some seabirds blown within range and with the cast off and stitches out we might just be allowed an hour or so's watch over the tide tomorrow arvo.
It's certainly getting new the time to tear down those walls

The new wind direction does bring the Peregrines back into play and two were sat up there on the lee-side this morning.

Back at the hozzy this arvo...d'ja really wanna know how many stitches...lost count at 24; looks like they've turned our hand inside out...the pain really starts tomorrow - we been 'invited' to attend a physio session...can't wait!!!

Where to next? Really, really hoping to get some pain relieving sea watching in tomorrow arvo.

In the meantime let us know what's stiched you up in your outback.

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