Sunday, 16 October 2011

Misty mizzle drops some rares

The Safari lost all the script so this has now become edited highlights from our low vantage point at the kitchen door with a restricted view of the sky.

04.38 - rain started
05.56 - idiot began letting off fireworks - - why? What possessed him/her???
07.20 - started watching at kitchen door
Several gounded Blackbirds
10 Lapwings - Patch tick!!!
Song Thrush - first for ages
Fieldfares grounded in our Silver Birch tree
Redwings over

A male House Sparrow - first this year! with Long Tailed and other tits - almost better than a 'Yellow Browed Warbler'

Goldcrest, again in the Silver Birch

Small Tortoiseshell - fast south

Grey Wagtail bucking the trend and going west.

Red Admiral - the usual local one probably.

10.00 all over

Mid-morning we were allowed a short sojourn at the nature reserve on route to getting some rations in for Frank.

Still no 200th but we did find a Common Snipe - Jack Snipe would have been better.

About 75 Teal were on the scrape and a Cetti's Warbler sang close by.

Not a lot else and scans through the gulls only gave us Black Headed and a few Common Gulls.

Great to be out in the big wide world again, even if only for half an hour.

Where to next? Cast comes off tomorrow -hurrah - but that also means the stitches are coming out; how many d'ya reckon? 10-20, 20-3-, 30-40 or 40+ ......uuugghhhh
In the meantime let us know what the weather dropped out of the sky in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Enjoyed the edited highlights Davo, a patch tick! well done, you should do some more house watching :-)

cliff said...

That's remarkable that you've just got your 1st 2011 male House Sparrow, 1/4 of a mile down the road here @ Cliff Castle we have 20-30 House Sparrows visiting on a daily basis. You can have some on a free transfer if you want, or better still I'll trade you for a Goldcrest, I've not seen one in the garden for a few years.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Cliff - it'll be a few years before I get another goldcrest to trade for some of your spuggies!
Worst of it is as soon as I leave the house I can hear them calling from the corner of Warley Rd 100yards away but they rarely cross the road.

Btw was your 2nd marshy a different bird - I only saw about 7 or 8 there in 15 years of almost daily visits

cliff said...

Evening Dave - I'm pretty sure the M. Harrier was a different bird - although I didn't actually see it - let me explain.

I was in the FBC hide when everything went up. To try & see what had spooked them I checked everywhere the letterbox hide windows would let me, whilst at the same time trying to snap the disturbed wildfowl(I got some decent inflight Gadwall btw), anyhow - I never did see a raptor, but a minute later 2 guys (birders on a day out from Accrington), came into the hide asking if I'd managed to photo the Marsh Harrier that had flown right over the hide, I told 'em I never saw it. One of the duo had got some good photos of it taken just moments before. Looking at the photos it didn't have the distinct white crown/throat that the one I photo'd had, so i'd say it was a different bird, I think maybe an adult male. Don't suppose you know where folk from Accrington discuss their sightings & post their photos on the interweb at do you, I wouldn't mind another look at those photos.


Fylde Amphibian & Reptile Group said...

Might appear here Cliff
Depends if they were members nor not perhaps