Saturday, 15 October 2011

Missed it!

The Safari was hoping to get out of the house to twitch the local Slavonian Grebe which has been present for over a week - but guess what - yep; gone over night, so we didn't get to go anywhere in the end.

All that disappointment was slightly tempered by the fact that your's truly was first to the correct answer on the Autumnwatch Unsprung quiz last night...Wifey was miffed as she didn't realise our username had been called out rather than our real name and she missed it!

With family visiting this arvo home vis migging opportunities were in short supply, just a few minutes here and there between one-armed chores.

Beating Jackdaws to the page was a flock of five Skylarks, a record group for Base Camp, closely followed by a group of over 10 Redwings which disappeared behind the houses before they could be fully counted.

'Eventually' 10 Jackdaws turned up, heading NW for a change. After a few unsuccessful sorties outside we had another flock of Jackdaws, again going NW but about 75 of them this time!

A Red Admiral was seen several times enjoying the strong autumn sunshine as was a queen White Tailed Bumble Bee taking advantage of the still numerous Large Flowered Evening Primrose flowers and the local Mistle Thrush was yet again causing interference on next door's telly.

Our final sighting of the morning was of a small something which called a call we didn't recognise...almost definitely it would have been year-bird #200 and target reached but what was it? The call was a single cheuu, quite loud and of good pitch...sort of Little Ringed Plovery, which according to our Collins guide, suggests it was a Snow Bunting...another one that got away...

Little chance of getting out this arvo but a brief visit to supervise some winter logs being brought gave us a small flock of Pied Wagtails and the Red Admiral was still fluttering about.

Where to next? Hopefully we'll get a decent couple of hours vis migging at Base Camp in early tomorrow morning...with some decent numbers to show for our efforts and then we might actually get away from these four walls for an hour or so -hope so!!!

In the meantime let us know what was missed in your outback.

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