Sunday, 23 October 2011

Where'd they all go?

The Safari's ideas of getting out either a little further afield or even in the garden at first light were thwarted by heavy rain.
Not a lot was happening in the garden,only four Goldfinches as opposed to the nine bustling round the feeders yesterday. We took Warren's advice and bought a couple of suet squares. A Robin was pecking away at it, when it had its fill it hopped briefly on to a nearby twig showed it had a leg iron - no chance of us being able to read it though. It's not often we see ringed birds at Base Camp.
Around lunchtime Wifey suggested a short trip out to the estuary.
One of the picnic benches sported a nice bright red fungus we've not seen before.

There were few birds about in the bushes, perhaps due to the late hour and the hoards of dog walkers.
One patch of bushes still sporting a few berries had a couple of Blackbirds and this Song Thrush, which tried as hard as possible to avoid the lens - got it, sort of, in the end.

Frank found plenty of mud and a few sticks and a puppy to charge round with in and out of the path-side pools, poor lad's shattered now!!!
There's a bit of autumn colour starting to brighten up the hedgerows now. This is a Guelder Rose bush - not a rose at all, the flowers, leaves nor fruit are remotely rose-like.

Where to next? Still hoping to give the 'new' vis-mig location a go...providing the weather plays ball.
In the meantime let us know how the colours are comin on in your outback.

Continuing apologies for any formatting issues - tryin Google Chrome today and it doesn't seem to be any better! :(


cliff said...

Dave, could your fungi be Beefsteak (or Ox-tongue) fungi - Fistulina hepatica?

Warren Baker said...

You'll have a Great spot hanging off that fat block by the end of the month Dave :-)

PS firefox browser sorted my blog probs, although they were different to yours :-)

Aussie Glen said...

Is Dave putting on weight Warren?