Thursday, 27 October 2011

Trial run

The Safari is playing around with the new puter so bear with us a while. Recent Base Camp highlights include a crackin Redwing in Wifey's Bird Cherry tree and a male Blackcap which was travelling with a lone Long Tailed Tit. Yesterday a flock of around 200+ Jackdaws went over. Two Peregrines are still lurking round the tower but our ringed Robin seems to have moved on being replaced by another unringed one which is much more adept at hanging from the suet feeder. Talking of which a Magpie that can't quite reach it from a perch launches itself at it taking a beakful as it tries to regain control before crashing into the garage wall.
The warm sunshine yesterday arvo had the Red Admiral out and avoiding the Sedum plant.
Enjoy some pics of a not so recent safari - can you guess where we've been?
Silverback at Virunga NP
Lemur sp - forgotten which
Weaver finch sp

Fleeting glimpse of a Black Rhino

Elephants having a drink - Uganda

Clematis seedhead at Base Camp


Warren Baker said...

Looks like you're back on track Davo! Nice to have a Blackcap at this time of year :-)

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Somewhere along the line I lost a couple of goldfinch pics???? Blackcap is always a welcome find here.