Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A most unpleasant day

The Safari wasn't impressed with the lashing rain this morning. 
We were lucky to have a break in the heavy showers at the right time and we got out for a blustery watch for a few minutes. The sea was rough and the Common Scoters were tazzing about all over the shop. We watched, waited and hoped but there was no sign of anything ducky different. No grebes or divers today either, a Red Necked Grebe was seen off the South-side's coast yesterday - that would have been nice to find on our stretch of coast.
Eventually a flock of gulls was seen in the distance out towards the windfarms. There was a lot of them and they were heading in our direction. Eventually 28 Kittiwakes were counted as they veered off to the south. Not many minutes later two adult Gannets went south out on the horizon.
That was it for the morning session. The tide was on the ebb at lunchtime but is was still pretty rough. Nothing other than a few Common Gulls and the usual Common Scoters were seen.
We'd decided to take the Prom on the way home to see if there were any Starlings starting to build up on the pier but it was so stupidly busy we jinked off down the back streets long before we got anywhere near the piers. On this route only one small flock of about 50 was seen heading pierwards when we were almost back at Base Camp.
Where to next? More of the wet and windy same tomorrow but we do have the Young Uns coming to do a bit of late season gardening and therefore anything could be found. If all goes well we might get an hour or so on the rather soggy nature reserve in the afternoon.
In the meantime let us know if you braved the elements in your outback.

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