Monday, 22 October 2012

One for Blackpool Nature but certainly not Blackpool nature

The Safari was asked for a pic of Rodney by our mate PL when we met up with him at the end of last week.
Rodney is a juvenile Bob Tailed Skink who was born, these are live bearers, when his mum was brought in to Maroo requiring some expert care and attention. His species was named by the chap Gray Whales are named after!
He's a captive animal, in fact he's a bit of a star as he is allowed to be used as an educational model and has been known to encourage wary school children to stroke him and discover he feels quite nice and not at all slimy as they expected.

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Blackpool Nature said...

Hi Dave !

Thanks for the great pic of Rodney - it really brightened my day after a poor day on the Mere Sunday.
It's a pity there aren't any Skinks in Blackpool - we could do with some more reptiles - liven the place up a bit !

Love to Frank