Thursday, 25 October 2012

Picking up where we left off

The Safari had a good count of over 980 Common Scoters moving south this morning with more still coming when we had to leave and we didn't count the ones on the water so well over 1000 present today. A flock of 10 Great Crested Grebes sat together was good too see along with a single and another going south. Also going south were several auks sp, a Guillemot and three Razorbills. Red Throated Divers were good too with a couple nicely close enough for a good study and two more heading south - do the birds know something we should know? A Goldcrest was in the bushes by the car park when we arrived at work, a rarity in itself but we're quite sure yesterday's 'mystery' bird wasn't 'just' a Goldcrest.
Later we joined the beach clean and was very pleased to see such a big turn out. As we walked up the Prom the beach looked nice and clean as the tide ebbed off the wall (passing the Police dissuading a potential suicider out on the way) but at the end of the hour the group had collected 40kgs of rubbish, mostly small pieces although a lost/discarded sopping beach towel helped push the kilogramage up a bit.
Still that 40kgs of rubbish that won't be veing washed back out to sea. Well done everybody and shame on those who dropped it in the first place!!!

At the death a Peregrine flew over us and headed straight out to sea until it was too far away to be seen!
Whilst waiting for the tram back to the office this Starling landed close by and sang as he walked about looking for litter to break in to.

After lunch we had a group of tiny tots on our usual beach looking at the shells and other great stuff to be found there. 
Off shore a trawler was working, not sure which one as it doesn't seem to have a transponder. It's very close in! You can just make out a small flock of Common Scoters in front of its bow.

The youngsters did sterling work despite their very few years bringing back all sorts of good stuff. The best of which was this enormous Edible Whelk and the small but bright red Queen Scallop.

They also found two of the biggest  Beadlet Anemones we've ever seen, not jsut here but anywhere on our travels! Common Prawns and Brown Shrimps were netted and just a solitary Sand Goby although it has to be said they need more practice with their netting technique - must be hard when you're not as tall as the net handle!
Most of the usual suspects were found, Common Ottter Shells, Pod Razors, Common Razors, Common Cockles, Edible Mussels, Rayed Trough Shells, Banded Wedge Shells, Thin Tellins, plenty of live Periwinkles and a lone Tower Shell, a nice mix for their first beachy adventure
Where to next? A weather change is apparently due but how will it affect Patch 2?
In the meantime let us know what the tide washed in in your outback.


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Hold the front page - Late news just in - Final tally 92kgs of litter removed from the beach!!!
WOW and it really didn't look that bad...


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