Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The final Australian bird tally

In the order they were first seen

-       Egret sp seen from the plane as it came in to land at Perth International
1 Pacific Black Duck
2 Red Capped (= King) Parrot
3 Nankeen (= Australian) Kestrel
4 Australian Raven
5 Australian Magpie
6 Willie Wagtail
      7 Red Tailed Cockatoo
      8 Australian Pelican
      9 Magpielark (= Mudlark)
    10 Silver Gull
    11 Western Ring Necked Parrot
    12 Australian Shoveler
    13 Galah
    14 Dusky Woodswallow
     -  Coot (same species as Europe)
    15 Australasian Grebe
    16 Australian Shelduck
    17 Emu
    18 Laughing Kookaburra
    19 Golden Whistler
    20 Grey Fantail
    21 Tree Martin
    22 Welcome Swallow
    23 Australian Wood Duck 
    24 Little Pied Cormorant
    25 White Faced Heron
    26 Straw Necked Ibis
    27 Australian White Ibis
    28 Black Shouldered Kite
    29 Scarlet Robin
    30 Western Yellow Robin
    31 Baudin’s Cockatoo
    32 Western Rosella
    33 Inland Thornbill
    34 Western Gerygone
    35 Red Winged Fairy Wren
    36 Boobook Owl
    37 Australasian Gannet
     -  Great Cormorant (same species as Europe)
   38 Wedge Tailed Eagle
   39 Pacific Gull
   40 Greater Crested Tern
     - a smaller unIDd tern, Gull Billed Tern?
   41Painted Button Quail
   42 Common Bronzewing
  43 Western Corella ( = Muir’s Corella)
  44 Yellow Rumped Thornbill
  45 Red Wattlebird
  46 Grey Currawong
  47 Silvereye
  48 New Holland Honeyeater
  49 Spotted Pardalote
  50 Black Faced Cuckooshrike
  51 Splendid Fairy Wren
  52 White Browed Scrubwren
  53 Rufous Treecreeper
  54 White Naped Honeyeater
  55 Varied ( = Black Capped) Sitella
  56 Fan Tailed Cuckoo
  57 Striated Pardalote
  58 Elegant Parrot
  59 Square Tailed Kite
  60 Purple Swamphen
  61 Tawny Frogmouth
  62 Chestnut Teal
  63 White Breasted Robin
  64 Jacky Winter
  65 Grey Shrikethrush
  66 Swamp Harrier
  67 Pied Cormorant
  68 Oriental Turtle Dove
  69 Little Black Cormorant
  70 Collared Sparrowhawk
   -  an unIDd Falcon sp seen very briefly

So UK 182, Thassos 16 and Australia 70 = 268 for the year - - that lot should keep Monika busy for a while - wonder how she's getting on birdwise in Utah


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere once...that there wasnt much or no migration in Oz.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Dean

There's lots of seasonal movements and/or rainfall movements. Waders and other northern hemisphere birds arrive for the 'summer'.
Interestingly the walk up to the granite outcrop provided several 'once only' sightings which might have been chance but could have been evidence of a bit of spring movement. It is at the edge of a huge tract of forest bordered by quite open farmland - the sort of edge migrants/dispersers might be inclined to follow.



Anonymous said...

Cheers for putting me straight on that Dave. Cant remember where i read it tho.

cliff said...

An impressive list there Dave, some great names too - they have a Willie Wagtail! I bet you won't see any of those down the Mere.