Friday, 15 February 2013

7C and sunny....and a year tick!

The Safari got a year tick in the spring-like sunshine...a convertible BMW with the top down, well days you can do that don't happen often here so those that can take their tops off should certainly make the most of them.
Earlier, on arrival at work, we saw a strange looking thrush hopping around on the grass near the scene of yesterday's House Sparrow photo-shoot...a Sparrowhawk! (P2 #41). A works garden and Patch 2 rarity, seen annually but not very often!
The seawall was interesting with a slow but steady passage of Lesser Black Backed Gulls 37 were on the move northwards in small flocks during the quarter hour or so we were watching. A decent number of Common Gulls moving northwards too but we didn't count those. No Lesser Blackies on the beach, all were traveling over the sea. 24 Sanderlings were on the beach with a good few uncounted (again!) Oystercatchers.A drake Eider flew over them on its way to the river mouth.
A shoot out on errands in gorgeous spring sunshine gave us the opportunity to have another sneaky peeky at the Waxwings but there were none about.
Where to next? A bit of asteroid spotting this evening if the clouds disperse (hope it's not like the Russian one!)and a family day out of town tomorrow might provide a sighting or two to report.
In the meantime let us know what's whistling over your outback at 10,000mph

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Blackpool Nature said...

Hi Dave !

Doh ! - Why wasn't that Sparrowhawk there yesterday or was that what you spied shooting into the bushes ?
Hope he didn't get any of your House Sparrows !

Love to Frank