Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lean patch

The Safari hasn't had a chance to get out much over the past couple of days and the camera hasn't seen light of day at all.
Garden news is that a Wren snuck in to become 20th species of the year and this morning a big flock of Starlings from the pier roost flew over our airspace making 21. Wonder if we'll get any actually grounded this year, might have to put some mealworms out later in the spring.
Patch 2 gave us nothing yesterday in splendid viewing conditions. This morning conditions weren't quite so good but we had 138 Oystercatchers on the beach with many hundreds more over our southern boundary. Out at  sea about 750  Common Scoters lurked in the little white ponies, better were 16 Eiders, a good sized flock for this stretch of the coast hardly noteworthy only a few miles further up wherever we were on Sunday though. Ten Great Crested Grebes was nice with a pair over a mile out going through their dancing display, no chance of making a nest out there is there!
At lunchtime two Red Throated Divers had joined the throng, still in their winter garb.
Lovely glowing red orb as the sun set this evening but no chance of a pic.
Where to next? Doesn't look as if Patch 2 will produce in the calm settled conditions but you never know what might pop out of the waves.
In the meantime let us know if it's all settled down in your outback.

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