Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wake up and smell the coconuts

The Safari reckons you might not want to get your snozzer too close

Stonking full moon this morning when we took Frank out.
Nothing of note on the sea today again just the same number of Common Scoters as yesterday, around the 750 mark. Six Great Crested Grebes were seen. By lunchtime only the scoters remained for the high tide no grebes being seen.
With the Gorse coming into flower in the works's garden spring is deffo trying to sprung. Only three weeks to thee first Wheatear, Sand Martin and singing Chiffchaff. Today the first report of an Osprey we've noticed this year came on BG admittedly from Cornwall but it's an encouraging start.
But there may yet be plenty of winter stuff to find before those early migrants grace the notebook.
Where to next? More of the Patch 2 same but will it be the same, must be due a Rock Pipit!
In the meantime let us know how spring-like it's getting in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Spring has been suspended here Davyman :-)