Friday, 8 February 2013

No time and little to see

The Safari didn't get anywhere near the Waxwings today whose  numbers have now swollen to 38!
We only had a quick look at Patch 2 at lunchtime, 22 Turnstones being a few more than usual for this part of the beach[ one day they'll be a Purple Sandpiper on that outfall pipe.
This bit of good news hit the local paper last night, for links to the on-line surveys you can all fill in please see the right-hand sidebar
and/or come along to one of the consultation events.
If the Lottery like us then sights like these Grey Lag Geese coming in to roost will be enjoyed by generations to come. OK we know they're 'only' ferals but there's plenty of other wildlife around to keep any naturalist occupied for years. shame it's so hemmed in by development and subject to all the disturbance and nuisance anti-social behaviour that brings with it in the 21st century.
Also last night before our evening meeting an interestingly dark Herring Gull could well have been an 'argentatus' type but the low sun was a pain and it could have been just a trick of the light

Where to next? Busy at the weekend so not sure how much safari-ing we'll get in but we will be on the Long Eared Owl walk, possibly the last one of the season but watch this space.
In the meantime let us know how much is coming in to land from the Lottery in your outback 

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Warren Baker said...

Still wanting a Greylag Goose for February here Davyman - feral or not :-)