Monday, 18 February 2013

Hits and misses

The Safari went out this morning at the usual time and it was light! Or at least very nearly so. Overhead we heard what sounded like a small flock of Jackdaws but looking up we discovered as is often the case with this species it was a 'flock' of one. Fortunately it's flightpath was straight over Base Camp's chimney so it became 'garden' year bird #19. Unlike the Wren we saw when we were leaving the house to go to work - no lights needed on the Land Rover this morning for the first time this year - said Wren was in next door's bush on the corner of their wall and had we left a minute earlier would probably have seen it flit there from our garden so Wren remains a serious gap in the list.
At work we  had an update from the Shoresearch organiser DB with a species list from her team. All the usual suspects and a Common Limpet (Patella vulgata). Nothing too unusual in that you might think - well think again it is our first official record. As far as we know none have been recorded along Blackpool's coastline before. DB thinks she may have seen one or two before but might not have realised the significance. They have been found just over our northern border at Fleetwood. In seven years looking for them we've certainly not found one! So we had a quick look for it before the tide came in at lunchtime without success - we looked under the Spiral Wrack and in the cracks between the pots but no luck - well it can hardly have gone far can it! Another look tomorrow should be easier as the tide is an hour later giving us a bit more time.
No chance to look at Patch 2, with an errand to run and the Limpet fiasco using our time at lunch although we did nearly get speared by a very low and very close Turnstone going to roost. Patch 2 in the morning was a misty murk of uselessness with just a few small flocks of close-by Common Scoters able to be seen.. Seems like all/many of the Great Crested Grebes have headed inland to freshwater. A very nice set of dancing pics from the big park by CR can be seen here...but given the weather forecast for later this week they may well be frozen off and and back on the patch.
Today's weather was mild and spring like as witnessed by the sighting of two convertibles with their tops off today and two reports of unID'd Bumble Bees coming in, both probably White Tailed Bumble Bees. We on the otherhand did a quick bit of gardening once back at Base Camp after work and had the good fortune of an Eristalis pertinax hoverfly landing on us...must  be summer!
No chance of a pic today despite the sunny conditions :-(. You would have got a Limpet but...some you win and some you don't.
Where to next? We'll be on safari somewhere tomorrow and we do have a trip to the nature reserve planned for the afternoon to attend one of the Consultation Events so come along if you can, have a look at the plans and give us your five penneth worth.
In the meantime let us know whether it's summer or winter in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

No Bees here yet Davyman, wont be long though ;-)