Saturday, 2 February 2013

Quick list

The Safari got out this arvo and went to the nature reserve.
After having an unsuccessful hunt around for Jack Snipe and Snipe with our Extreme Photographer we found one of the Long Eared Owls, possible two. We got another party on to the grey bird but it was flushed when a Blackbird almost landed on it!
Further round we spied two Little Egrets on the flood on the far side of the dyke. The left hand bird caught several  fish while we watched them, one was about 6 inches (15cm) long!
As we watched these our Extreme Photographer found a real exotic species in the field this sided of the dyke in amongst the numerous Woodpigeons. A Red Legged Partridge; it performed well doing a little goose-stepping run, a bonny bird but it's not going on the year list. 
Other stuff we saw included a very close and very loud Cetti's Warbler,
5 Stock Doves,
2 Little Owls,
5 Goldeneyes
2 Little Grebes (102, MMLNR #70)
No Bittern which was our quarry species but a nice Woodcock closed the day once it was too dark to see across the mere.
Where to next? Another Long Eared Owl walk tomorrow followed by something easy for a rather lame Frank...he was on the beach this morning for the first time in six months an boy did he enjoy himself but he's suffering now as he's gone a bit  lame on his operated leg.


Warren Baker said...

Well the RLP goes on my list davyman :-)

cliff said...

Well done getting 2 Egrets in shot Dave.

I spent a few hours at the park, the GC Grebes are displaying inc. weed dance, plenty of G.Herons, a couple of Redwing,one Goldcrest plus all the usual suspects.