Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Too much snow, too much work, not enough safari-ing

The Safari hasn't been out much over the last couple of days. Who'd have thought teaching Yr 3 rocks n soils would be so much fun, never knew we knew so much about geology seeing as how we've never studied it - thank you Mr Google you're a star. And thank you Mr Ice Age for dumping such a fantastic variety of rocks, stones and pebbles in our gardens and on the beach. 
We were having so much fun that we didn't have time to stop off at the beach not far from school to watch the tide rise to see if any Jack Snipe would be flushed off the developing salt marsh there.
Today was a total snow out. We took Frank out just after 06.00 and there was no snow at all on the bitingly cold wind. The last few days have seen a bit of a dawn chorus developing. A Song Thrush in the distance from the Golden Triangle, several Blackbirds, Robins, a couple of Dunnocks and one morning even a Wren, a species not yet found in the garden at Base Camp this year. This morning there wasn't a peep from them. 
Patch 2 was a total snow-out we could barely see the other side of the road for the blizzardy conditions. No chance of seeing the sea never mind anything in, on or over it!
By lunchtime the snow had given way to heavy, cold, almost horizontal rain so we gave it a miss then too.
Where to next? Might actually get out on Patch 2 tomorrow but what will we find?
In the meantime let us know how deep the snow is in your outback.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Same here with the snow yesterday Dave. Thankfully it`s sunny & mild today.