Friday, 4 April 2014

Another couple bagged

The Safari hasn't been able to get out much and when we have thick all enveloping mist has been a bane!
A recent Patch 2 visit was thwarted by mist so we had a mooch down to a nearby demolition site whee we were fortunate that a helicopter came in  to land at the airport and flushed two previously unseen birds, a Ringed Plover and, right over in the furthest corner, a Wheatear (127) at last.
Little more birding opportunities presented themselves as news of several Ospreys and other migrants kept us well gripped especially as we dashed from our desk at the slightest hint of noise from the gulls.
On the drive back to Base Camp this evening a Swallow (128) swished northwards in front of the Land Rover, and to think we've not had a Sand Martin yet.
A 'lively' Frank took us further than he's been for a while up the hill and past the water tower where we saw that the male Peregrine was on his normal ledge. We've been keeping a regular watch on it but not seen him, or her, for well over a week.
Grotty pic from too far zoomed in phone-cam
The hill near the tower is an excellent vantage point with views to across the plains to the fells to the east and northwards to the Lake District mountains. Despite the clear air we saw no passage of raptors for during the quarter hour we let Frank sniff round, the gulls on the office roofs didn't spot any either.
Where to next? The mothy is out so we're hopeful of a moff or two, maybe even three in the morning.
In the meantime let us know what's turning up in the wrong order in your outback,


cliff said...

I saw your Peregrine pic on twitter yesterday afternoon &, as I can see that bit of the tower from my house, got my bins out to try & get another 'garden tick', but couldn't see it :-(

Warren Baker said...

Still no Swallow for me davyman....just fog!! :-(