Friday, 18 April 2014

Jumping through hoops

The Safari has had the kids and their little ones to stay so we've not done as much wildlifing as we might have done.
Yesterday we had a a cold walk round the nature reserve wit them where we had Whitethroat (138 MMLNR #80) and Grasshopper Warbler (139, MMLNR #81) for our year list. Only to be expected at this time of year bit we still missed Wheatear, is this going to be a bad year dip for the site?
After tea we set off with LCV to a farmland area in wich a mown garden was playing host to a Hoopoe, it's a while since we've seen a British one and being so close not to be sniffed at.
It was a lovely evening, Curlews bubbled in the fields, Brown Hares hopped about the fields and a Kestrel hovered over the long grass in the field nest to the garden eventually capturing a vole. It was just about sunset by now so our shots were a tad 'artistic'.
We had a day on the beach with the little ones and found them Sand Gobies and Brown Shrimps to put them. With LCV we watched out for Harbour Porpoises on the very calm sea to no avail but we did find a Grey Seal in the end and watched a flock of about 10 Sandwich Terns diving for fish.
After they'd left for home we went back out to Hoopoe-Land but missed it this time by a matter of minutes. Nice to see more Swallows about than yesterdcay though.
Where to next? Maybe a very early visit to the nature reserve but will it be third time lucky?
In the meantime let us know who's gracing the mown lawns in your outback. 

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cliff said...

Nice Swallow shot Dave, I got my first Swallow sightings on Thursday, lifts the spirits to see them back.