Friday, 11 April 2014

Thrifty? Us?

The Safari was promised a Swallow today, we were hoping it would turn up on Patch 2 as we've not had one here yet. We've only had one so far this year so that does not a summer make but there'll be plenty next week hopefully seeing as how they are one of the countries most widespread species and have increased by over 30% since 1994.
A Small Tortoiseshell butterfly flittered through the work's garden, the first butterfly we;ve seen here we've been able to identify this season and we've been able to enter it on the new Butterfly Recording App very easily so if you have one of those new fangled smarty phones download it now and get recording - it's free too.
Our beach clean today was a disaster - no-one turned up which isn't good particularly as there were loads of people milling around enjoying the warm spring sunshine, shame they didn't feel the responsibility to help clean up the towns best resource. But as we were putting the unused kit away we spotted the first of the Thrift flowers of the year. We had a superb show of these along the front of the building until one time we were off sick and a crew came down thought they were weedy grass and dug most of them up...dohhhh modern day landscape 'gardeners' don't you just luv em
The big question is will we ever find Thrift Clearwing moths along this stretch of coast? Could be tricky as they've not been recorded here before - - if you don't look you deffo won't find that's for sure.
No sign of any promised Swallows even though we stayed half an hour longer than normal - on a Friday!!! - and the sea was as dead as a graveyard so still no Sandwich Terns for us - maybe next week.
Where to next? Our last Winter Thrushes survey tomorrow and maybe something or somewhere else.
In the meantime let us know who's getting in on the apps in your outback.

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