Saturday, 19 April 2014

A good day for bad pics

The Safari has been to the nature reserve twice today 06.15 the 17.00.
Neither visit gave us anything out of the ordinary although the Barn Owl early morning was nice.
If you can guess what these are you're doing well.
 'Bum' shot of a white splurge
Mostly hidden rown blob
You should get this one
Out of focus ale brown blob
One or the other with camera shake
Don't know what went wrong, just couldn't get subject, brain and camera to act as a cohesive unit today despite the excellent light.
Couldn't get anywhere near the Grasshopper Warbler despite it reeling seemingly inches from us. Whilst chatting to long lost friend PL, good to see him back in circulation, the gulls went up right high and we picked up a brownish one even higher than the others gliding steady north rather than circling round...was it a gull or something broader winged - too far away for anything like a guess.
Spent part of the afternoon deleting Woodpigeons, Blackbirds and Cats from the stealth-cam, sadly no Foxes, Pumas, Hedgehogs or Caribou wandered through the garden at Base Camp this week.
Our evening visit to the nature reserve gave us our first Small White of the season.
Where to next? More of the same but with better pics hopefully.
In the meantime let us know who effectively avoided the lens in your outback.


Heather Wilde said...

I reckon they were all feathery type things :) A smashing day out, photos or no photos. Do love the Barn Owl pic though.

cliff said...

A good selection there Dave, my appetite is whetted for a trip to the mere, I hopefully get there tomorrow.

Warren Baker said...

Some days are like that davyman, some great species seen though, Barn Owl and gropper! Wow!