Thursday, 24 April 2014

Crying shame

The Safari is very rapidly going off work, it really does infringe far, far too much on our safari-ing time.
Patch 2 was a bit of a dead loss, only a few Red Throated Divers and not a lot else out there and nothing going over in the clear bright conditions.
A very quick cjeck of the gardens was a megatory. Then mid-morning we heard the worst news; three Whinchats at the nature reserve followed later by a drake Garganey, all the ones we've seen in recent years have been females, juveiles or elclipse drakes...dohhhh what a day to be stuck inside!
Lunchtime was even worse on Patch 2, very little time to look and we saw precious little and more gripping news came in about a Harbour Porpoise, Whimbrels and an Arctic Tern out there; horribly gripping stuff and then this evening it was even worse when we heard there were two more Whinchats at the wetland near the nature reserve...dohhh
Back at Base Camp we had a whole to wit before Wifey got home so we pottered around in the garden, not seeing much other than a huge Tree Bee and Lucilla fly sitting on the bin lid in the sunshine - off to get the camera we went but by the time we'd come back and fitted te super-macro lens it was long gone. A fairly long wait ensued, it didn't return but was replaced by a similar but more dowdy black fly which we got a few shots of before we flushed it. We're annoyed that the camera settings were wrong, it's not as though we didn't have the time to get them set correctly...dohhhh schoolboy error.
That's all we've got for you from a day that promised so much more...dohhhh
Where to next? No chance of much more than a couple of minutes on Patch 2 tomorrow morning and then no chance of getting out until home time when its our monthly visit to the snake pit - what chance an actual real life snake???
In the meantime let us know who stepped up to the plate when all others vanished in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Its not falling your way at the moment is it Davyman! Still time to change all that though :-)