Monday, 7 April 2014

Naughty weather

The Safari was thwarted again this morning. We were on opening up duty so no chance of an early Patch 2 shuffy. The weather was atrocious with rain rattling off the windows as frequent long showers were driven in on a stiffening north westerly.
It wasn't until lunchtime that we got out but it was duff. We could hardly see across the beach to the sea through the murk. 
There was nothing on the beach apart from a few less than a hundred gulls, mostly Herring Gulls, and a similar number of Oystercatchers but nowt else and then the rain came on heavy again.
Back at Base Camp it was time to take Frank out and he took us all the way to Magpie Wood where were saw one of our favourite grasses, Sweet Vernal Grass, had come out into flower.
We don't know why it's a favourite; it's one of the few grasses we know the name of or maybe it's the fact that it tastes like American Cream Soda and if you do get to taste that when chewing it the taste will stay with you all day or it could just be that after all the wet n windy winter it's good to see grasses greening up and flowering. Whatever it is it's always good to see.
Little more to report other than a Chiffchaff singing in the distance somewhere in the park Frank can rarely get too now.
We had some sad news on the way back, Frank's old fighting 'friend' Blue has come to the end of  his road and passed on to where-ever it is ferocious terriers go, he was nearly 20 a really good age for a mutt.
Where to next? Surely there'll be a chance of a Swallow or Sandwich Tern...won't there?
In the meantime let us know who was visible through the gloom in your outback.

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