Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fish hawk high

The Safari was relieved to find no water in the moth trap this morning. Better than that there WERE moths!
Not many and after three negative turns of the egg-boxes at the bottom  we were beginning to feel we were going to be out of luck again...but no a Hebrew Character was lurking in box number four.
A couple more came out and then we found a Common Quaker lurking in the deepest recesses of the box.
So with five Hebrews and a Quaker, bit of a religious theme don't you think?, our season's mothing is off the mark at last - let's hope it continues and is a darn sight better than last year.
The morning was productive with a successful MOT for Wifey's car being the highlight - always a phewwwww.
After we got back from the garage you know who wanted to go out so we took him to Chat Alley. There's been a few Ring Ouzels about and with the odd shower in the air you never quite know what might get dropped at this time of year.
Our main quarry was Wheatears and it wasn't long before a stonking male was found on the first set of steps leading down to the Lower Walk, always a good place to check out. It flitted down on to the seawall between the fishermen waiting for the tide to come in and their match to start.
It then flew up the cliff and started poking about in the grass.
Another flash-of-white flit was noticed a little further dawn the way and was eventually seen on the 'ornamental' rocks - a female Wheatear. Nice. 
Above, at the top of the cliffs three Meadow Pipits dropped out of thee sky and landed on the path-side fence when a bit of drizzle was felt in the air.
Out at sea there was nothing happening but with only binoculars our range was limited. All of a oneness the gulls which had been noticeably quite started making a ruckus behind us. Spinning round and scanning there was an Osprey (129) circling around drifting northwards a few hundred yards inland about 500 feet up = thank you gulls :-) 
OK so there may be about 700 in Scotland now (breeding pairs + returning unpaired second years) and others passing through on their way to Scandinavia but it's always good to get a self-found one on a local patch for the year list and not have to go to one of the always popular 'commercial' viewpoints to see them.
Quite a good Saturday, moths off the mark and a bit of patch gold we weren't expecting - sorted!
Still 22 behind our arch-rival Monika for the year, but then we haven't had the trip of a lifetime to the Mexican Baja California...maybe next year????? If you haven't yet had a shuffy at her adventures we suggest you nick over there sharpish and have a rummage round.
Where to next? A bit of wet weather forecast to arrive sometime overnight so we're thinking nature reserve tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who the gulls found in your outback.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, Dave. There must have a been a dozen Ospreys passing through South Yorks over the last couple of weeks....and they all avoided my line of sight!!