Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Caught the lurgy

No safaris for a few days now as I am stuck at Base Camp 'crook' with a virus...not the cosiest of bed-fellows! Very little to report other than a flock of at least five Long Tailed Tits buzzing around Base Camp this morning and bread thrown on the shed roof was taken by Black Headed Gulls - where did they come from - normally everything chucked up there gets eaten by the local Herring Gulls or Magpies.

Anyway the old safari truck is up for sale and the new one is waiting to have all the mods fitted...definitely some under body protection and hopefully a bit of tricky suspension.

I didn't see this badge when I was looking the vehicle over on the forecourt, my co-pilot did but didn't say anything until quite a bit later on. Quite apt don't you think?

Can you guess what it is yet (as Rolf Harris used to say)?

Kooky and Roo have been joined by Hoopy the Hoopoe and Caper the Capercaillie for all the forthcoming adventures.

Yes you guessed it - another Disco! Luxury version this time though...hope it serves as well as the old one did.

Where to next? I'll let you know as soon as I have shed this infection.

In the meantime let us know what you have found in your outback - illnesses permitting.

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Well don't pass it this way. All the best for 2009.