Sunday, 4 January 2009

River crossing as promised

Pics from our outback adventure last week.

We are stopped on Kingfisher Island...not that there is any where for Kingfishers to perch - apart from the wing mirrors! But they are seen quite regularly on this stretch of river.
The red tie isn't recovery equipment it's holding the waterproof camera to the bullbar for the next bit of the crossing...the deep bit. This is a bona-fide road...wouldn't like to try it in the safari's other car -a Toyota Corolla good as they are.
About to go in!

It really is an island.

The safari took delivery of the new vehicle yesterday...more news later.

Heres a pic of the new leaf we found last week on a small Hawthorn...only 4 months too early, but possibly a response to a Roe Deer nibbling the end of the twig off.

Where to next? The new vehicle has to be kitted out and 'prep'ed for the outback, so we won't be adventuring til later in the week.
In the meantime let us know where you have been on your outback adventures.

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